Aynsley Vandenbroucke Movement Group — modern dance company
Boomerang — user-friendly looping/sampling device
Ethel — multi-genre contemporary string quartet

Invert — 2-cello improvising string quartet
Lake String Quartet — multi-styled quartet in residence at Yellowstone National Park
Loopers Delight — information on looping devices
Music for People — a wonderful organization that teaches music through improvisation
Maqam World — all you need to know about the Arabic tonal system

Slow Six — ambient modern classical/electronic/minimalist/rock
Storahtelling — Jewish ritual theater company

Toy Box Theater — multi disciplinary theater company
Vitamin-D | Dennis Cronin — mellow poppy trumpet stuff

Zikrayat — traditional Arabic folkloric music

Individual Artists

Brian Prunka — oudist, composer, jazz guitarist

Jennifer Griffith — composer, jazz pianist
Julie Lyonn Lieberman — jazz violinist/teacher/composer

Katie Down — sound designer

Martha Colby — cellist, singer/songwriter

Martha Mooke — improvising violist/composer

Michael Benabib — photographer

Simon Shaheen — virtuoso Arabic oud and violinist

Tanya Kalmanovitch — jazz violist/composer

Tareq Abboushi — Arabic/Jazz buzuq player, composer

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